What We Believe

Muslims are Capable of Leading and Organizing

Mission statement

The Muslim Youth Collective’s mission is to create inclusive spaces that empower Muslims in Indiana to organize against all manifestations of injustice.


Our vision for the Muslim Youth Collective (MYC) is to create a Muslim-centered space that will show the strength, resilience, and beauty of the Muslim community in a way that uplifts and supports it. The space MYC deliberately creates is inclusive to all folk, to all Muslims, and is a space that radically rejects injustice and oppression. MYC’s vision for the future is to create an unwavering Muslim and ally community in Indianapolis that will never compromise its values of justice in a pursuit of collective liberation. It is in the spirit of Islam that there is no such thing as justice or freedom as long as one person still lives shackled under injustice.

It is also a crucial part of MYCs work to uplift the spirit of social justice in Islam and within Muslim history. One cannot practice Islam if they do not consistently practice social justice, and the history of Muslims leading and participating in justice movements go as far back as when Islam first was revealed.

The Muslim Youth Collective’s vision is to deliberately create inclusive spaces that empower Muslims to organize against all manifestations of injustice.

We are deliberately anti-racist. We are deliberately anti-imperialist. We are deliberately anti-capitalist. And we are for the constant struggle for collective liberation.