Dedicated activists with a mission to serve Allah and the Muslim community



Meet our first Fellowship Cohort of 2019. Our five fellows come from a variety of different backgrounds and are consistently working hard to empower and help amplify the voices of the Indianapolis Muslim community.


Aml Alkhatib
2019 Fellow Cohort

Nouha Mitiche
2019 Fellow Cohort


Raheema Chachouai
2019 Fellow Cohort

Bushra Mabrook
2019 Fellow Cohort


Amina Dalal
2019 Fellow Cohort

Senior Leadership

Our Senior Leaders and co-founder have helped build this organization from the ground-up through grassroots means. They have been organizing and leading for years, and have helped set up the foundation for the Muslim Youth Collective.

Ahmed Abbas

Umaymah KM
Co-Founder & Senior Leader

Abdullah Olson
Senior Leader