Empowering Muslims to organize against all manifestations of injustice


Program Initiatives

To effectively support and engage the Muslim community in Indiana, the first cohort of the Muslim Youth Collective (MYC) fellows have identified three initiatives based on community needs. Our programming initiatives include: Mental Health & Inclusion, Community Support & Resources, and Art & Cultural programming. MYC’s mission is to empower Muslims to support and defend their communities and create welcoming spaces that foster a strong sense of belonging.



There is a deeply ingrained stigma around mental health in Muslim and other communities. On the other hand, both xenophobia and Islamophobia are deeply rooted in the mental health institutions that exist in this country. As such, there is a lack of safe space for Muslims to show up as their authentic selves to receive treatment, care, and support for their health. MYC is committed to helping create that space through our Mental Health & Inclusion initiative.


To further uplift and empower personal narratives in the Muslim community, MYC is working on programming that centers storytelling and allows Muslims and allies to gather in community to engage in different forms of artistic expression. This includes showcasing the diversity of the Muslim community, and the incredible and beautiful amount of art, music, poetry, fashion, and film that come from Muslim artists and creators. Muslims are not defined simply by their resistance to racism, xenophobia, and Islamophobia, but also by their current and historical contribution to culture, music, art, and more.



MYC was born out of a desire to empower Muslims both through a justice lens and through a community lens. We commit to helping the Muslim community support itself by providing and creating resources as well as helping Muslims to support one another. MYC deliberately creates curriculum-based lectures to provide political and social justice education around topics including but not limited to Islamophobia, bystander intervention, the Muslim ban and more.


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